Shortlisted Winner - Indeed Tokyo, Japan, by Cosmos More


Category: Commercial Business
Project: Indeed Tokyo
Country of Design: Japan

The Challenge:

This project was to construct a third development base for the engineers of indeed Tokyo. With the number of engineers in the company on a rapid rise, there were many problems that had to be solved, such as insufficient space leading to an uncomfortable environment for the engineers. Each engineer has a unique way of working and we wanted to provide a lot of work options that they could choose from. Many spaces offering a variety of functions/settings have been implemented to help the engineers work more successfully. Workstations – the best environment for intensive work; Meeting Spaces – energised collaborative areas to bring forth better ideas; Pantry and Café – where people can get together and engage; Play Room (fitness space) – to encourage the idea of wellness; and space for concentration work.

The Process

The main demand from the client for this project was to build the best development environment for the engineers. With that in mind, we designed a workstation where the engineers spend most of their time. In order to ensure personal convenience and ease of communication, we specified the Alvar Lite height adjustable desk system and the Embody chair from Herman Miller as one unit, with a combination of five units assigned to a team unit as one set.

Then, defining these workstations and meeting spaces as “ON-Time”, and areas where workers can be released from intensive work and contemplate as “OFF-Time”, we carefully considered how we could build a boundary between those spaces, and then finally carried it out using three different methods. First, a grass wall with lattices separates each area clearly. Secondly, division using furniture. Thirdly, change of atmosphere in the space. Consequently, we arranged meeting spaces in the core area of the building, which has huge traffic, workstations in the central part of the office, and OFF-Time spaces at the window circumference to help workers better relax.

The Design

The combination of the Alvar Lite height-adjustable desk and Embody chair, both of which can be adjusted to the worker’s physical condition and preference, has become the most comfortable environment for the engineers. Furthermore, cafe spaces, where workers get together, eat, give presentations, and enjoy a chat, have contributed to team-building at indeed Tokyo. The workstation, set in a hexagon shape and consisting of five desks, removes all obstacles in terms team communication. Standing posture is good for quick meetings with the team, and staff are also able to move on to next task immediately following such discussions. In addition, this setting encourages collaboration and support between team members. Enabling work to happen anywhere, a laptop PC is the main work tool for employees with all data accessible on an internal network so workers can work anywhere in the office. Desks, sofas, and coffee tables are placed in different settings and come with accessories like PC displays and white boards so staff can co-create.

Our key focus for this project was to reflect the company values at indeed, which are Simplicity, Fast, Comprehensiveness, and Relevance. The functional spaces are visually connected without a break. Specifically, none of the spaces are completely cut off; there is always some connection between each space like an opening and semi-transparent glass that unites the office. The philosophy of the company: “We help people get jobs”, hangs at the entrance as a corporate message. Information monitors displaying the profiles of co-workers around the world as well as company updates also feature here.

The Result

The engineers at indeed Tokyo are fully satisfied with their new office and are proud to work there. These workers come to the office much earlier than before, and are more productive and efficient. Also, various spaces such as refresh and relaxing areas are a good way to welcome new people to indeed Tokyo and they make relationship building much smoother. Employees are helping and supporting one another, and are sharing company goals as a team. As for human resources, this attractive office serves as a powerful marketing tool to draw in new talent.